Fall Protection


Construction Style, tongue buckle legs, back & side D-rings, hip pad and belt (Size Medium/Large)


Back D-ring, tongue buckle leg straps (Size Universal)


Back D-ring, loops for belt, quick-connect buckles (Size X-Large)


Harness offers universal fit and is adjustable at 3 points providing dependable fall protection at an exceptional value


Padding in both the shoulders and hips takes pressure off specific locations of your body and distributes the weight.


With first-of-its-kind features and benefits, the ExoFit NEX(tm) provides the highest level of safety and the utmost comfort with technologically advanced hardware, soft yet extremely d…


Front, back & side D-rings, loops for belt, quick-connect buckles (Size X-Large)


Adjustable chest strap full body harness is standard with standard back and front D-Ring.


G-Tek PolyKor Glove - Size Small


Positioning belt with back pad and side D-rings for positioning and fall restraint


Self Retracting Lifeline


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