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7543, wall-mounted, single bottle personal eyewash station

Haws Corporation

Model 7543 is a wall-mounted, single bottle personal eyewash station that includes one 1000 ml (33.8 fl oz) sterile Saline solution bottle. With two wash streams, the DUO eyewash provides simultaneous eye coverage allowing for both eyes to be treated with an advanced rinse process for supplementary flushing support. The ergonomic eyecups provide for an effective and comfortable flushing flow. To activate, twist the cap in the direction of the arrow and place eyecups over the affected eyes. Tilt head backwards with eyes open wide and squeeze the bottle to provide the desired flow level. Recommended wash time is 5 minutes. Haws Personal Emergency Eyewashes are for use when dirt, dust or other contaminants come into contact with the eyes. The eyewashes provide immediate flushing fluid while the injured person is en route to a primary emergency station. Includes an identification instruction wall sign. Fluid carries a 3 year shelf life. Store at room temperature 41-95� F (5-35� C).